Tim Manno

Newport Beach, CA

"I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know one of the finest human beings, both on and off the mat. Our journey started approximately 5 years ago, when my wife and I signed our twin boys, Anthony and Dominic, up for a jiu jitsu class. Art of Jiu Jitsu had just opened and seemed like an amazing academy. Soon after, we would meet Professor Rick Slomba one of the boy’s coaches and would take an immediate liking to him and his coaching style. Little did we know the positive impact that Professor Rick would have on our boys and family. Professor Rick has guided, mentored and coached our boys into outstanding jiu jitsu practitioner’s and is one of their biggest role models. I consider Professor Rick to be a very good friend…but, most importantly, my boys trust, respect and love Professor Rick. Professor Rick’s impact on the Baltimore community by opening Form Jiu Jitsu hasn’t yet been felt, but I can assure you over time Baltimore will come to love, trust and respect both Professor Rick and Form Jiu Jitsu."

Simona Verdugo

Newport Beach, CA

"Professor Rick is able to connect to the kids in his class  and communicate such a technical sport like brazilian jiu jitsu. He builds a class curriculum that is 'just right'  for the students and they enjoy learning. We were very fortunate to have professor Rick Slomba as a coach and mentor for our two daughters."

Brian Sognefest

Newport Beach, CA

"My two daughters and I had the pleasure of training and learning from Professor Rick for the last several years.  Each of my daughters has very different jiu jitsu aspirations - one who competes at the highest youth levels and the other who does not compete at all.  What truly makes Professor Rick great is his ability to relate to people and to tailor his training to inspire and motivate.  Anybody who has the opportunity to train and learn from Professor Rick should consider themselves lucky."||

Jose Madrazo

Baltimore, MD

"I started training jiu jitsu at the age of 36 and quickly became a passionate practitioner. Jiujitsu provides a great deal of stress relief from my busy professional life and is a great motivator to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Despite my late start in the sport, I am now an active competitor and love that I can train, practice and compete at high levels without difficulty. I've had the pleasure to attend Prof. Slomba's seminars, classes and do private lessons with him. I can attest that he is not only a world champion competitor but also a world class instructor. I have witnessed him be a gifted instructor for a wide range of ages, levels of athleticism and body types. I highly recommend you check it out."

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